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Healthy Habit Tips

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy Stay Healthy, Live Long

Knowledge is NOT power without implementation. Gain health knowledge here but learn to implement it with simple tools and watch your life change exponentially.


 3 Step System to better health


Learn and understand about your health here with up to date research and information  


Put what you learn into action by getting daily reminders on the actions you need to take for the day


Measure and review your health progress and enjoy the transformation that will happen 

 Step 1: Learn about your health here

Read our informative health articles that are filled with interesting facts and information that will help you make better health decisions throughout the day and to help you build healthy habits for the rest of your life. 

foods to lose weight

9 Foods for Weight Loss, Energy and Overall Health

Discover the nine best foods to incorporate into your diet for weight loss, energy, and overall health. Start your path to new health today and watch your transformation happen.


Autophagy: The Remarkable Process with Amazing Health Benefits

Amazing insight on the remarkable process of autophagy and how it can improve your cellular health and longevity. 


9 Foods Rich in Collagen: An Anti-Aging Booster

Discover the top 9 collagen-rich foods that can boost anti-aging effects and support your overall well-being. Learn more about the importance of collagen and how it can benefit you.

how to live longer

2 Key Metrics Metrics That Will Keep You Living Longer

Learn about two key metrics to living a longer life and what you can do to reduce your mortality by a whopping 50%. 

anti aging foods

9 Anti Aging Foods That Will Keep you Looking Young

Unlock the secret to staying young with these nine anti-aging foods that support skin health. These foods will not only keep you looking young but keep you healthy longer. 

Lose weight

Crack the Weight Loss Code with These Simple Hacks

Break the weight loss code with these simple weight loss hacks. Learn some of the causes of weight gain and learn to balance these causes so that you are on your path to a healthy weight.

Step 2: Implement what you learn into action

Utilize our simple system and mobile app to get daily reminders that will help you implement what you learn into daily action and turn them into long lasting health habits. 


  • 1. Identify your core goal, subgoals and all actions that need to be taken daily to hit your core goal.


  • 2. Utilize our app to customize and set up your core goal, subgoals and actions.


  • 3. Get daily reminders for all the actions you need to take for the day to bring you closer to your goals. 


  • 4. Daily actions compounded over time will help you hit the core goal that you targeted.

    Get Healthy with these 3 Easy Steps


    Learn the Health Tips

    Learn about healthy habits here with articles and research that are focused on living a healthy, longer life


    Get Daily Action Reminders

    Implement that knowledge into daily actions by getting daily reminders on what to focus on for the day


    Enjoy A Healthier Life!

    Start to enjoy the benefits of not only getting healthier but the effects that comes with being healthier

    Step 3: Enjoy your new health results

    Celebrate your success by tracking your progress with timely measurements and watch the transformation happen right in front of your eyes.

    "Simply love how easy it was for me to get back into the shape I was in before my pregnancy thanks to the daily action reminders to keep my goals top of mind."

    Laura L.

    " I feel great!!! Love how I was able to keep my health goal top of mind everyday through the reminders on what needed to be done by the end of the day."

    Devin T.

    "The daily reminders was key for me to get to my goal of losing the pounds I wanted to shed for the last couple of years. Thanks Healthy Habit Tips."

    Jennifer M.
    how to live longer
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